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This product is made by aeronautical Aluminum alloys; it can reduce weight greatly. The compression and rebound damping settings can be adjusted rapidly by the adjustment knob to meet different requirements of the rider, and enhance the sensitivity and the compactness of damping. No matter takes a long trip or a short distance, the rider will enjoy the perfect experience with our suspension.

  • This product comes with 2 adjustment knobs, one is to adjust the pressure of nitrogen and the other one is to adjust damping force.
  • Compression and rebound damping can be adjusted separately by the adjustment knobs.
  • The best advantage of this product is extend the amount of suspension oil and nitrogen to make the suspension more stable, and avoid excessively high temperature of suspension oil after long-term use, which may cause the suspension exhausted.
  • All the product will be tested by damper test machine.
  • We can customize the nitrogen suspension for you to meet the requirements.


Hydraulic preload adjuster:

For PRO version, it comes with hydraulic preload adjuster. When the motorcycle carries one rider or riding double, you can moderately increase or decrease spring preload by the preload adjuster. The adjustment range is 0-13mm. If the setting is adjusted properly, you will feel perfect handling from the suspension while riding.



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